Some Technology You Might Find Very Useful For MMOs

Most of us, I’d imagine, stick with the basics when it comes to MMORPG playing. Keyboard, two-button mouse, single monitor, webcam, headset, FRAPS.

But there’s an entire world of assistive tech out there – and some of it’s very useful indeed. Personally, I swear by my Nostromo, and my second monitor. Interface – hard, physical interface – is something many people neglect in their gaming setup, and it can make a huge difference.

So, today we’ve got three posts looking at the hard, sparky, electrical side of improving your MMOing:

  • Gazimoff has been preparing for Guild Wars 2, and with it, a new way of moving in MMOs. IN a detailed post, he shares how he’s redesigning his physical interface for this new game“I used to play a lot of Counter Strike and Quake 3 Arena back in the day, but raiding as a Mage in World of Warcraft has made my reflexes and spacial awareness soft and flabby. There’s only so many ways you can stand at the back pressing One, One, One, Two and occasionally moving out of bad stuff.”
  • Hawt Pants Of The Republic shares an excellent post about three pieces of gaming hardware that sound extremely useful for MMOs – I’ll be picking one of them up myself“Back in the day, I was primarily healing with mouse clicks and modifiers – and as such, both left and right hands were occupied while healing, and I was just OUT of fingers to talk on vent. I’d have to pause what I was doing, and that’s never any good. ”Wouldn’t it be nice,” I thought, “if there were a foot pedal for that?””
  • And Girls Do Play WoW has been upgrading her screencasting experience. I know a fair few of us make videos in MMOs, and as one of them I found her description of setting up a home greenscreen worth filing away for future use… “The design of the stand is very simple: just two upside-down “T” arms connected by the pipe that acts as the curtain rod at the top.”

What MMO peripherals can’t you live without? Or are you a hardcore keyboard-mouse-screen-and-nothing-else-er?