PvP and Poetry, Time and Skill

We’ve got a great grab-bag of articles to feature today – from Tobold asking if the MMO emperor’s a bit short in the outfit department to Casual Stroll To Mordor proving once again that LoTRO just isn’t quite like any other game.

  • Epic Poetry! Yes, that’s right – A Casual Stroll To Mordor features some spot-on poetry describing the events of the Elf starting area in the style of Professor Tolkien
  • Cynwise has a great guide, with diagrams, to baiting defenders away from objectives for anyone who’s thinking of getting into PvP – _“In PvE, being called a ninja is a bad thing, but in PvP, ninjas are awesome. Ninjas come in and steal objectives out from underneath the enemy’s noses. They snatch reinforcements away from a node and send them tumbling across the map.”
  • The Grumpy Elf starts off a really interesting discussion by asking how long is too long for an MMO fight?“I understand for most people it is different but for me I would rather wipe at the 2 minute mark 100 times than wipe at the 10 minute mark 20 times even if the time investment is the same. “
  • And Tobold asks just why we need to be skill-limited in MMOs – isn’t it kinda ridiculous? – “Imagine your TV had a remote brain-scanner attached, and if you didn’t pay attention to the movie or weren’t intelligent enough to understand it, the movie would stop, and you would be forced to watch it again from the beginning until the system determined you fully understood the story. Does that sound like a machine anyone would buy?”

What do you think? How long’s too long? Should content be gated by skill?