Orientalism, Steamy Romance, Druid Shapes and Mass Murder – WoW Weekend Links

Obviously, one of the big topics of the weekend’s WoW links has been the MoP beta – or rather, the lack of it for many people. But that’s not the only topic of interest from this weekend’s posts, by far:

  • A datamined model left Pewter of Decoding Dragons decidedly concerned about Blizzard’s ongoing stereotyping of non-Caucasian cultures“In Cataclysm we saw the introduction of the Pygmy model. A brown-skinned race depicted as savage – supposedly based on heavy metal characters, but in actuality echoing the colonialist stereotype of the peoples of North Africa. The very name taken from real cultures in Africa. During the course of questing through Uldum, players would kill and cage the pygmies, hit them with mallots etc/”
  • Syrco has been doing a LOT of research and delivers a fascinating argument that Blizzard should make redesigning the Moonkin form a high priority“I fear they will go too far with these glyphs and ruin what I love about this game and druids, that you’ll be able to choose too much, like looks and forms just by using a glyph. “
  • Ratshag of Need More Rage suggests that before we say Garrosh should die, we take a long hard look at just how innocent our characters are“I’s killed women and children. I’s killed everything what walks or crawls at one time or another. I’s slaughtered not onlies them what stood against me, but they’s children, they’s parents, whoevers were hidin’ in them houses and huts in Hillsbrad an’ Windyreed Village an’ an’ Bladespire an’ Skorn.”
  • And Red Cow Rise offers a wonderful compendium – a summary and details of how to aquire every single Steamy Romance novel in-game – and speculation on their hidden secret! – “Currently, there are five volumes available in the game. They stack up to 20 (so you can have a real library!) and follow the sexual adventures of a man named Marcus as he samples all the physical delights that Azerothian womankind has to offer.”

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