On Honesty and Bravery In Blogging

We have an interesting pair of posts today, somewhat off the direct topic of MMOs, but focussing very strongly on the blogosphere around them. Two well-respected bloggers – Oestrus of Stories of O, and Windsoar of Jaded Alt – have posted two independent pieces on related topics today: the topics of bravery and honesty in blogging.

Firstly, Windsoar talks about honesty, openness, and what she does and doesn’t share on her blog, inspired partially by a friend describing her as “too honest”

“When my friend told me I was too honest, I really thought about what honesty meant, for me personally, and as it affected others around me. I came to recognize (and still struggle with coming to grips) that what I consider honest is sometimes wrong. Honesty is only really valid in a contextual sense, and depends on a multitude of factors. While this hasn’t fundamentally changed my desire to be an honest person, it has somewhat tempered what I consider to be a direct result of being honest: my bluntness.”

Windsoar covers a number of interesting points here, from how she deals with people asking her for help and suggestions to the extent to which she shares personal details on her blog. I found her discussion of how she writes particularly interesting – like several other well-known bloggers, she doesn’t edit her work for content, preferring to, in her words, “write, then publish”.

Meanwhile, spurred partially by her award for bravery at the 2012 Piggie Awards, Oestrus writes about bravery in her blogging, and how she feels the blogosphere could use more brave writing

“Nobody is brave anymore. I think the community could use a shot of bravery or two. People often times misunderstand me and think that I enjoy conflict. I don’t. What I do enjoy are people who are honest and who are unafraid to share their opinions. I feel that we learn more that way, when we don’t have anything in common, or when we are coming at things from different a perspective than we do if we all start off feeling exactly the same way about something.”

It’s interesting how Oestrus echoes another call to arms for bloggers in the recent past, from Gnomeageddon, who was also calling for more controversy and more debate. Oestrus has a particularly good take and argument here, arguing for bravery as clarity and as supporting the minority, saying things that need to be said. She’s writing partially in support of Effraeti’s post on feminism, which we covered yesterday – and in support of bloggers who weather storms of opinion in general.

Frankly, on that point in particular I couldn’t agree more.

Do you think the blogosphere needs more bravery? Or more tempered honesty? Or both?