March Mists Reactions Day 2 – General Reactions

And now, it’s time to look to the general reactions to the Mists information deluge, in our second day of coverage.

There’s some really great thinking in here!

Longer Posts

  • The Grumpy Elf isn’t afraid to take both sides of the argument – he’s got both 10 reasons he is excited about Mists and 10 reasons he isn’t“I need something to look forward to, not just filler info that means nothing. Evey thing they said would have meant more if there was a date attached to it.”
  • Apple Cider Mage has four short essays on different topics in one post, covering Female Pandaren, casual content, PvE content and the story“Cynicism about rampant Orientalism aside, I really feel incredibly bowled over by how this world is going to look, feel and act, especially when my gnome steps foot on the shores.”
  • Type H For Heals combines a rundown of information about MoP from a priest perspective (much of which I’d not heard yet) with analysis and predictions in Reasons to Look Forward To Mists“I’d have preferred to see some sort of measure based on execution rather than pure speed, like the way some of the dungeon achievements work at the moment.”
  • In An Age looks through all the interviews with a fine comb to pick out some of the most interesting quotes from the developers“is Tom Chilton missing the point at all? Reading the response over again, it seems to me he wants WoW questing to get away from zones even having “major plot arcs” for heirlooms and leveling bonuses to trivialize.”

Shorter Posts

  • Morynne 365 has initial thoughts about the new information available – “I like the premise that this expansion is going to be largely a return to exploration of a new world. We don’t immediately have a big-bad to take down, or anyone to hate”
  • The Fluid Druid gives his thoughts on various aspects of the info, including raids and challenges“There’s a huge audience for competitive PvE (hence the proliferation of third-party guides/etc), much much larger than exists for PvP. Also, it keeps 5-man content in-play long after it’s been made obsolete by the patch cycle. Genius move.”
  • Stormy of The Asylum Wall goes through his good, bad and ugly from the announcements“As I said on Twitter yesterday, I’d like to see a Venn diagram showing the overlap between WoW players and Farmville players. I’ll bet there’s not much overlap. “
  • The Wild Boar Inn is feeling some cognitive dissonance as they consider the new information“AoE Looting has been added: I hope they send a nice Thank You letter to Trion.”

How are you feeling about Mists after the March Info Rush?