Is the tide turning on WoW’s LFR?

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LFR does not have a particularly stellar reputation amongst WoW players, and for good reason. Of late, everyone’s attention has been focussed on the looting situation in LFR, which has gone from bad to worse –

or has it?

We’ve got three different perspectives on the present and future of LFR today, including, I’m glad to say, a message of hope:

  • The Grumpy Elf ain’t made any cheerier by his LFR loot experiences, and today offers a suggestion for improving Looking For Raid’s looting system – just have us collect teeth“Whenever you defeat a boss in the current tier of the LFR you will loot a tooth off the boss as proof of the bosses demise. Simple as that. There will be no loot drops, there will be no rolling, all you need to do is bend over and loot the boss.”
  • The Godmother recounts a particularly abusive LFR situation, calling upon all of us to act to prevent LFR bullying“It doesn’t matter what loot rules you put in place, you’re never going to find a way to restrict idiots like this. Some people’s idea of enjoyment is a Universe away from everyone else’s, and thriving on other’s upset and discomfort is something that, quite frankly, makes me ill just thinking about it.”
  • And Big Bear Butt brings us a message of hope, reporting that he’s been seeing a pattern of behaviour in LFR – random unprovoked acts of kindness“without warning a trade window is opened, and the piece of loot is placed there. No conversation, nothing. I accept, and whisper back my thanks and appreciation. The person then says something along the lines of, “No problem, I didn’t need it and you looked like the person who could use it the most.””

What do you think of the state of LFR right now?