How to have more WoW in your IRL

We’ve featured a few fantastic pieces of WoW handicraft in the past – notably Glowbie’s amazing Magmaw puppet – but today, there’s a veritable onslaught of awesome coming from the artistically-gifted sector, as two bloggers take the time to round up new WoW-related crafts you might want to have in your life.

First, on the wallet-requiring side of things, Keredria at Tree of Life has rounded up some of her recent WoW-related fashion and crafts finds. There are some fun T-shirts in here, some nice jewelery, and some other entertaining stuff

“Isn’t it kind of crazy that you see the colors of those Vashj earrings and just nod in agreement with the zone inspiration? I mean how ingrained are these zones, and I guess the game overall, in our mental constructs?”

Secondly, Navinime over at The Daily Frostwolf has rounded up some of her favourite WarCraft – as in stuff made with actual hands – blog posts. She’s featuring five sites here – including Glowbie, as mentioned above, but one of the others I’d never heard of. And goddamn, some of the stuff she’s found is really, really cool

Do you ever indulge in a bit of WarCrafting?