Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition – is it worth the $150?

Anyone feel like it’s last summer again?

Yes, as with SWTOR before it, Guild Wars 2 is making headlines by announcing a Collector’s Edition – and not just any CE, but a bloody expensive one, at $150 for the game, which comes with a statue, soundtrack, and a book about the making of the game.

The blogosphere’s been poring through the details – and so far, it seems to be a bit of a damp squib:

  • Kill Ten Rats’ Ravious admits that the CE was pretty much a sure buy for him – but even he’s a little unsure about a couple of details“I’d personally have preferred a more cosmetic effect, like a special dance than a deluxe skill, especially given that the deluxe edition’s elite skill will likely see much less use than profession-specific elites.”
  • Syp at Bio Break doesn’t hate the CE extras, but none of it screams “must have” to him“The book and the soundtrack are nice, but an extra $70 worth of nice?”
  • And Pewter at Decoding Dragons is skeptical about quite a few of the features, including the very short early access period“As someone living in rural England, the early access for SW:TOR was practically over by the time I had gotten the game downloaded. 3 days seems incredibly short from my perspective, and even for the general populace.”

Does the $150 Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2 seem like a good deal to you?