Friday Roundup – 3 Months IN SWTOR, Ganking and Evil, and more

And as the light fades on the last day of the week (in the UK, at least) we’ve got more great reads coming out of the blogosphere. Enjoy!

  • All For The Wookie presents a roundup of the three months in SWTOR review meme – really interesting to see such a wide range of reports on how the first three months of the Bioware MMO has gone.
  • Tobold takes an uncompromising stance on people, in EVE and elsewhere, who make it their goal to cause other players real-world distress“I believe that wanting to win over the opposing avatar is okay, but deliberately wanting the player behind the opposing avatar to be emotionally or physically hurt is evil. And because this wanting to hurt the *real person behind the screen is a motivation of the real person committing those acts of ganking, harassment, and bullying, I do not believe in the excuse that somebody is just “playing evil”. “*
  • Mana Cake Musings offers a brief celebration of in-character PvP battles, which look pretty impressive – “Instead of Blizzard going “well you can PvP in this zone”, players just construct a story themselves and decide on a place.”
  • ANd if you’d like to have some fun with your fellow bloggers or blog readers this Easter, check out the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt, which sounds like a great deal of fun!

See you all in a week!