Free MMOs – are they worth it?

With WoW in pre-expansion lull, and Guild Wars 2 still in the future, now’s kind of a quiet time in MMORPG land. Perhaps it’s a good time to try out some of the lesser-known, Free to Play games out there?

Sadly, the truth is that there are so many F2P MMOs out there – and many of them have such a justifiedly bad reputation – that it’s hard to know where, if anywhere, to start. Fortunately, though, today sees two great guides to F2P MMOs – if you’ve been thinking of trying something new, these guides may be just the thing you’re looking for:

  • Lono at Screaming Monkeys has been getting a lot of questions about LoTRO, and so has put together a really useful guide, primarily answering the question how free to play is it, really?“All in all, you get content up to nearly level 30 which can easily amount to a month or two of playing and more if your into alts or if you want to complete everything a zone has to offer. Zones in Lotro are huge.”
  • And ECTmmo have written up a nice piece highlighting three lesser-known F2P games – and by “lesser-known”, I mean “I’d never heard of any of them” – that they think are well worth checking out“I can’t brag enough about Zentia. Really, I haven’t felt the need to buy anything from it unless it was cosmetic stuff, which I haven’t yet and that is just a want. For a free game it is absolutely fabulous.”

Do you have any tips on F2P games that are worth checking out?