EVE University, STO Storylines, GW2 Elite Skills, and more

It’s another WoW-light day here at the Melting Pot, in the lull before the storm of Mists of Pandaria information next week. In fact, we’ve only got one WoW-related link at all, and even that’s not solely about WoW.

But all of this means one thing – there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on beyond Warcraft in the MMOSphere right now:

  • Flosch at Random Waypoint has applied to join EVE University, and he explains the application process, which frankly sounds like more work than many real-life equivalents“The things you have to fill out and provide before you even get to the interview stage beats every raiding guild questionnaire I’ve ever seen. I guess it has something to do with really X-raying people in the game whose populace consists mostly of scammers, griefers, and lying, backstabbing bastards.”
  • Syncaine writes a discussion of the way Dungeon Finder-like tools destroy social ties that I couldn’t agree with more“Spamming a group channel was slower, at times annoyingly so. But the value of that channel has nothing to do with speed. Its real value is that you see who you are inviting/joining, and this creates familiarity (that guy is a great tank, invite him. That guy is a loot ninja, pass). “
  • Syp at Bio Break recounts his experience with the recent 2800 storyline in Star Trek Online – which sounds really quite awesome“Apparently the fate of future Featured Series development is up in the air at this point, and that’s a shame because the team did such a great job with this that I was literally looking forward to the next installment each and every week this ran.”
  • And Ravious at Kill Ten Rats has been thinking hard about the Elite Skill offered by the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition, and why he’s really not enchanted by it“The elite skill cannot be more powerful than other elite skills as planet-ending rage would ensue.”

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