Carrying Players, Evil Races and Shopping for Themes

From an interesting proposal to enable raids to “carry” players (some WoW players will not like this idea at all!) to clothes shopping as an extended metaphor for RIFT builds, today’s blog posts continue to entertain:

  • People often say that 40-man raids allowed for a wider variety of playing abilities. Rohan at Blessing of Kings has been thinking about that, and has a suggestion for mechanics to allow raids to ‘carry’ players again“Suppose you could measure a person’s “PvE ability”. Then, for people with a low score, you could give them a buff that increases their damage and healing output, decreases their damage taken, and maybe even makes them immune to certain mechanics if the score is low enough. “
  • Stubborn at Sheep The Diamond has been running the statistics on race and class of WoW bosses, and has some interesting data to share“So overall, the undead are by far made to look the “baddest” of all the races, with 30 undead raid bosses (but only 14 really as “playable undead humanoids”) but with an asterisk: how free willed are they, and if they’re not free willed, should they be counted?”
  • Melmoth at Killed in a Smiling Accident has one of his trademark side-splitting extended analogies going – this one to do with picking talent trees in RIFT“It eventually got to the point where I’d settled on a natty little number –I fancy it was a rather fetching Riftblade/Reaver ensemble– and I swung my way dramatically out of the Soul Tree changing room with a ‘ta da!’ motion, and a “Well?””
  • And Harpy’s Nest bravely admits to being one of the PvPers who /spits at their competition – and explains why sometimes it’s a tactically wise thing to do“we soon discovered that if my teammates and my husband (who played dps) used emotes as a sort of vocal taunt, other dpsers would stick to them like glue letting my healers bounce around doing whatever they felt like.”

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