Bloggers respond to the Scroll of Resurrection, Part 2 – business, value, and what you’re skipping

The Scroll of Resurrection is still one of the hottest topics on the blogosphere, as bloggers both react to how it affects them personally, and also try to figure out just what Blizzard’s doing this time…

  • Cynwise is bringing the analysis hard, with a very sensible and knowledgable post discussing just what Blizzard’s business strategy here is“. There is a huge stress on the Blizzard’s high margins in the earnings call, and that means costs will be slashed across the board. Blizzcon was an inevitable tragedy in hindsight – too much money without direct ROI. “
  • Fulgaralis at Killing ‘em Slowly is an ex-WoW player, but the Scroll of Resurrection isn’t tempting him back – as he explains, it doesn’t offer what he wants from WoW“I really don’t have a lot of complaints. It’s just that, lack of complaints, lack of changes, makes for lack of blogging. Makes for lack of challenge. Lack of interest. Tweaks, love ‘em or hate ‘em, are interesting. You know what’s not so interesting? Old content rehashed. “
  • And Azuriel of In An Age tots up the value offered by the Scroll of Resurrection, and finds that in total it’s pretty huge“Even if I simply accept the Scroll on my main in order to just get the free server/faction transfer, maybe that’s enough. Log in, move the one toon, screw around for a week, let it expire. Then wait for the next promotion. “

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