Bloggers React to the Scroll of Resurrection

Blizzard haven’t been shy of making big changes this year – and their rework of the Scroll of Resurrection is no exception. Free server and faction transfers, free boost to level 80, and Spectral Gryphon and Wind Rider for the resurrector – it’s almost as big a gift bag as the Annual Pass was.

The offer’s attracting a lot of comment on the blogosphere, and as yet the consensus isn’t coming down on one side or the other, probably because there’s so much to it. So, here are the highlights so far –

  • The Godmother at ALT:ernative was one of the very first people to take the plunge and get resurrected, and she goes through in detail just what’s included for the resurrectee“Having completed the process I logged in and saw the resurrected character still showing as L1 until I’d cleared the Loading Screen: then I was teleported to Stormwind and appeared in a complete set of L232 Green Gear, appropriate to my new level… plus I had a full set of Frostweave Bags, 20 bandages, some DPS food and 75g”
  • Syp at Bio Break feels that the addition of a “straight to 80” bump (one of the most noticable features of the Scroll) cheapens the WoW experience as a whole“no, Syp doesn’t like it when a game decides that it’s going to ignore one of the rules it set up for itself in the name of a cheap player grab. I don’t like it in WoW or anywhere else, for that matter.”
  • And Miri thinks the rewards from the Scroll are pretty great – and wonders why Blizzard rewards new players, returning players, but not the players who have just subscribed, consistently, for years“Blizzard rewards players for coming back to WoW via the Scroll of Resurrection. Blizzard entices you with two-seater mounts to bring a friend to the game via Recruit a Friend. But there is nothing for the WoW Veterans.”

What do you think of the Scroll of Resurrection?