AAARGH! My eyes! A Field Trip to Goldshire Inn

Warning: Adult Content. No, really.

OK, I’m a pretty unshockable guy, I’m broad-minded, and generally I’m pretty hard to startle with Teh Adult Content.

But it has to be said, whilst it’s absolutely fascinating stuff, some of the screenshots – yes, screenshots – in Navimie’s latest post on The Daily Frostwolf made me turn into Giles from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. “Oh – good Lord. I say.” takes off glasses, polishes them, replaces them “Good Lord.”

What has she been doing? She’s been on a field trip, to the infamous Erotic RP hangout that is Goldshire Inn on one of the major WoW RP servers. It’s rather like “Gorillas in the Mist”, but with less gorillas, and more…

Cat-form druids.

Doing things

“This druid kept sitting, standing, sitting, standing. Over and over. OHHHHHH. I see. Oh my gosh, I think they’re having… sex. My goodness, even standing looking from here it looks blushworthy. I go into the next room. There is another couple on the bed, but it looks like they’re just talking. And there are dead bodies all over the floor!

“What happened here?” I asked.

bq. “Horde often come here and try to ruin the fun,” said Roshii. “So they get slaughtered.”

Uh-huh. OK. I wonder if Horde have their own brothel on their own side… I doubt it, if this is an RP pick-up server. Humans and night elves are probably more sexy. Maybe in Silvermoon it’s different, in the low level inn on that side. Full of sexy blood elves… hmmm. Roshii was asked to dance, and so he obliged the person with a dance.

And I went into the other room. Oh my goodness. Now that really made me giggle and blush. I had to leave. I felt like a voyeur. Oh dear, I was BEING a voyeur, that was my whole purpose here.”

I mentioned that this post probably isn’t for the easily-offended, right?

But seriously, folks – this is fascinating stuff, and a really interesting insight into a side of WoW that a lot of us don’t have much experience in. I had no idea that ERPers were likely to be such accomplished PvPers too, for example. It’s eye-opening – if sometimes rather uncomfortably so.

I mean, some of the uses people have found for perfectly innocent emotes…

What have you gotten up to in Goldshi – actually, you know what, don’t answer that. :)