Thursday Controversies! Diablo RMT AH, SWTOR customer service, EQ servers sold

It’s a controversial time in the blogosphere! So controversial, in fact, that today there are multiple Strange And Somewhat Concerning things happening in multiple games, all on the same day.

So, buckle up, as we get down with the controversy goodness:

Blizzard to charge up to 83% of Diablo III RMT trades

Blizzard have revealed that the minimum price for an item on the Diablo III Real Money AH will be $1.50 – but that they’ll take $1.25 for any successful sale.

  • Tobold calls it a stupid regressive tax system“The real-money AH will resemble Tiffany’s more than Walmart, with relative low numbers of items posted at relatively high prices. For once Blizzard should have copied CCP and hire an economist before making changes like this.”
  • In An Age briefly touches on this announcement, finding both Diablo III announcements recently curious“I am beginning to wonder if these margins won’t start creating a space for the gray markets to move in.”

SWTOR customer service woes

SWTOR’s customer service seems to still be having problems.

  • The Niquisition was somewhat confused when their English-Language ticket recieved a response in French“Is your customer support team so inept that they can’t read four words of a ticket and determine the language it’s written in and therefore cannot send the appropriate response ticket?”

SOE sells EU servers

Sony have made the curious decision to sell their EverQuest 2 servers in the EU to a third-party company – and one with a very bad reputation. Subsequently, critics on the SOE forums were banned for “excessive negativity”, according to some reports.

  • MMOQuests has made a rare negative post about the situation, calling for a boycott“Put yourself in the position of the US military personnel who has been gaming on a EU server and now that they’re finally home, are unable to play with their friends because they must move to a US server, no longer having access.”
  • EctMMO thinks the decision is just plain wierd“I’m really puzzled over the company ‘selling’ off their EQ2 EU servers to what is known as a shady company that has poor support and security, thus segregating their community.”

What do you think of these ongoing controversies?