Then and Now: bloggers show how their characters have changed over the years

Yep, another meme has started up – and this one’s particularly fun.

Started by Vidyala over at Manalicious, the idea is to show shots of your character, UI and setup now, contrasted with the oldest shots you can find – showing how you and your character have progressed since you started playing.

So far, all entries have been from WoW. And they’re all really interesting:

I really like this meme, and I may well contribute to it myself if I can find shots that old. (I’ve been playing for… a while now.) It’s fascinating to see how everyone has evolved, both within the game and as they have learned more about it, and it’s rather heartening to see such hardcore theorycrafters back in the day before they realised how to play their class, too!

On a similar note, incidentally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the chance to also link a different type of Then and Now:

  • Eric of Elder Game shares a retrospective of how he started on his current career, as he muses on the moment when he realised he was really good at programming.

If you’re going to do the Then and Now meme, link to us in your post so we see it and we’ll add it to the list here!