The Post-Servermove Update – Traffic Lights, Excitement and more!

OK, it looks like we’ve moved successfully – so let’s get going with the cool links of the weekend!

  • Rohan’s talk of the need for DPS meters in SWTOR sparked a lot of interesting discussion – of which one particularly nice titbit was the idea of a simplified ‘traffic light’ DPS meter“This is a pretty cool idea. A simple green/yellow/red meter that was boss-dependent and displayed your personal DPS for that boss. If all the DPS stay in yellow or green for the entire fight, the boss will die before the enrage.”
  • Green Armadillo at Player vs Developer is pulled into his role as starship captain in STO by the death of a crewmember“I lost a member of my crew today. Crewman Lozza, a Tellarite hazard system officer, was conducting a routine systems overload exercise. I doubt that I even read the entry in the assignment list when Lt. Thol K’jhyv, head of my engineering and operations departments, put it on the list for my approval. “
  • Caer Horrighan writes a passionate defence of WoW against those who might argue it’s now pointless“Its not a perfect game. No game is perfect for everyone all of the time. But I still like it. And I am right to keep playing a game I enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, thats fine. But your need to feel you are right does not make me wrong! “
  • And Keen and Graev, on a similar topic, defend their right to be excited about new and upcoming games“Being excited is not a crime. If I was not excited about video games I would not play them, and I certainly would not write about them. “

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