SWTOR FAIL- Heroic Flashpoints, WoW Cataclysm successes, and GW2 Hype Control

Ah, it’s not too long ago I remember the Pot being virtually all WoW, all the time. Well, those days are well and truly over, it would seem – today we’ve got three great pieces about three great – and different MMOs. Let’s roll!

  • Lono at Screaming Monkeys draws attention to the parlous state of SWTOR Heroic Flashpoints“The gear requirements for different roles are insanely different. My gear and skill is sufficient for healing but not for dps. If this was well designed, my gear and skill would be insufficient for both roles.”
  • The Renaissance Man at Children of Wrath turns to look at the other side of Cataclysm, in his report on things Cataclysm got right“T11 was a great raiding experience. Encounters ranged the full gambit of skill levels, and were never subject to the asinine blanket nerfs to current content that gutted the later tiers. The afterglow of T11 is one of the last things that keep me still raiding in Cataclysm.”
  • And Spinks sounds a note of caution as the raving about the Guild Wars 2 beta spreads – remember, it’s still a beta being reported on by fans“Initial impressions from betas of long awaited games are often highly positive. People are so happy the game exists at all that they focus on the strengths of the game rather than the weaknesses, and beta players are generally more upbeat and co-operative than players in live games. “

What game are you following right now?