Is Being DPS hard? Should it be?

Well, it seems that the kerfuffle over SWTOR’s Heroic Flashpoints has broadened out into a general discussion of difficulty for DPS. And at the same time, elsewhere on the blogosphere other people are musing on the overlooked aspects of DPS difficulty.

Is being DPS hard? Is being pure DPS hard? Should it be? Let’s go to the phones…

  • Spinks hits back against Tobold, arguing that actually, there IS a problem with SWTOR’s Heroic DPS balance“It’s also confusing to the player base when the gear requirements for raids are lower than for flashpoints, and if that was intended then it’s something that needs to be made clearer.”
  • Rades at Orcish Army Knife highlights a little-discussed point – the fact that pure DPS need offspec sets too“The only real solution is doing exactly what any hybrid character has to do to play their offspec – collect and prepare a second set of gear. However, this is harder than it sounds, because quite honestly, it looks really, really bad.”
  • And The Grumpy Elf muses on improving his final grade as a DPS“So when I evaluate my numbers I notice that the biggest problem with them is that I am not using all the tools in my toolbox so the fact I was doing okay means nothing. I was not doing all I could. Have to love DPS. No matter how you do, you can always do it better.”

Do you think DPS – or pure DPS – have it easier?