Have you seen these MMO-playing couples?

It’s taxonomy time today, as Stubborn from Sheep the Diamond concludes the spotters-guide series he’s been running – to the types of couples you’re likely to run into if you’re playing an MMORPG.

Part 1’s over here (technically part 2 of the series) and part 2 arrived today

“Grizzlies are famous for being fiercely protective of their young. Thanks to the American TV sensation Sarah Palin (who I will not call a politician because it would be like calling the Hamburgler a master criminal), we even have the term “Grizzly Moms” to bounce around. In couples, Grizzlies thrive on their self-independence, and any threat to their dyad is met with vicious attacks. These couples work well because their independence is so highly dependent on each other, and their insular nature makes them close, even intimate. The only real threat to their relationship can come from the outside.

This type of couple is what Matticus described in his post; when one in the couple is threatened, the other charges in, stands up on their hind legs, bares their teeth, and roars in fury. It can be somewhat unsettling. Obviously, dealing with either one of the couple implies dealing with both, and that can mean a 2 on 1 meeting that devolves into defensive attacks from the pair while you simply try to make your point. If both of the pair are performing well, then you wouldn’t necessarily even know the difference between Grizzlies and, say, Penguins, but when they’re not, you’re in for a hell of a fight.”

It must be said that it’s very reassuring to see this type of post at all! No matter what the media says, the gamer audience has grown well beyond the single male teenager (even if LFR sometimes feels like it ain’t so), and it’s fascinating to see the wider spectrum of life intermingle and interact with gaming.

This series is also a good source of info in general – not just for raid leaders, but for anyone seeking to understand the behaviour of one half of a couple in-game. It reminded me rather of the breakdown of couple types in the pop-psychology book “Life and How To Survive It” (which is a high compliment), and succeeds in being insightful without being too judgemental. Worth a read, either to help you with the next time you need to talk to one half of your “Grizzly” raiding couple about their DPS, or just for interest – or even self-awareness!

How have your experiences been playing with couples in-game?