Hardmode SWTOR continues, GW2’s Perfect Storm, and How To Shut Your Mouth

Some really interesting discussion today – from ongoing talk and experimentation with SWTOR’s Hard Mode Flashpoints, to a great discussion from Kurn on What To Do When You Know More Than The RL…

  • Syncaine isn’t as enthused by Guild Wars 2 as most of the blogosphere – which isn’t a surprise. But he’s got some interesting points on why Guild Wars 2’s release might be a Perfect Storm for them“For many ‘casual’ players, it will be the first MMO in a long time/ever that is not a hotbar smashfest, that has PvP as a feature rather than an afterthought, and that is more massive than a four-person insta-queue silent loot collecting trip (sorry, silent but fully voiced loot collecting trip). “
  • Rohan has an excellent argument on making DPS roles hard – that SWTOR’s problem is that it has no DPS meters“Good play requires feedback. Good dps requires feedback. And the best feedback for DPS is a combat log and damage meters.”
  • Lono at Screaming Monkeys has been doing more testing of SWTOR’s Hardmode Flashpoints, and conclusively believes they’re badly tuned“The more I do hardmodes and play through them the more I see a pattern emerging. Either the bosses are crazy easy, or crazy hard. There’s no middle ground. More than anything this speaks to me of one big pervasive issue.”
  • And Kurn is musing on a topic many of us have faced, one way or the other – what to do when you know more about an encounter than the Raid Leader“it’s not exactly shutting your mouth. It’s more like holding your tongue until you have an appropriate time and place to discuss those things.”

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