Guild Wars 2 WvWvW (that’s World vs World vs World) announcement roundup

Yes, the lovely people at, responsible for the upcoming juggernaut that is Guild Wars 2, have broken radio silence to talk about a new feature of their game. And this time, it’s genuinely very exciting – they’ve been talking about their approach to PvP, and specifically large-scale PvP, with their World vs World vs World (WvWvW) system.

Before we get on to the reactions – the original blog post discussing World vs World vs World is here, and it’s worth reading in detail:

“From the earliest days of development, we knew that we wanted to include some form of large-scale PvP combat in Guild Wars 2, but how would it work? We knew right away that we wanted three teams fighting against one another on a series of huge maps in the Mists (our world vs. world battleground) and that each team would be composed of an entire server full of players. Including three forces in world vs. world acts as an excellent balancing factor, preventing one team from growing too powerful and ruining the competitive balance of the game. Two teams can gang up to counter a more dominant third team, a dynamic that simply isn’t possible with only two opposing factions.

We dreamed of a game where players could work together to capture objectives on the battlefield, like keeps and towers, claiming them for their guilds, then fortifications before defending them against hordes of attackers. With players from three different servers fighting each other, we knew that we would need a lot of different areas for them to fight over, and we wanted to have plenty of locations for guilds of all sizes to claim as their own. With this in mind, we created a number of different objectives that are designed to be captured and contested by large groups, small groups, or even just a few players.”

I’m very excited about the ideas in this post, and I’m not the only one:

  • Keen and Graev pick out their favourite bits of the announcement, paying particular attention to the 3-way battle: “I like the sound of creating healthy competition between servers; maybe that’s what’s needed to create the infamous “realm pride” in today’s market.”
  • Kill Ten Rats has a detailed analysis, touching on NPCs, supplies and more: “It appears that skirmishes on secondary objectives will be critical while the siege continues. I like, at least on paper, this “soft” gating as compared to Warhammer Online‘s hard gating using minor objectives.”
  • And Hunter’s Insight talks not so much about what we’ve heard, but what we still need to know“I do have questions about recruiting NPCs though. How effective are they? How many can you recruit at once? Can they be used to attack gates like siege weapons?”
  • And Syncaine has a typically cycnical viewpoint on the announcement – “There are also some “I don’t know shit about MMO PvP History” parts in there as well.”

Are you excited about World vs World vs World?