Great reads for the weekend – Engineering Tanks in WoW, Nomadic MMOs, and The Generic Quest

As sometimes happens, there was too much coolness in the blogosphere to squeeze into one week! So, here’s some great bonus reads to see you into the weekend.

  • Theck hits the nail on the head with one very pointed question – what’s going on with Blizzard’s design of profession bonuses?“My name is Theck, and I’m an Engineer.I feel like that admission belongs in a support group for underprivileged tanks. Because admitting that you’re a tank with Engineering is tantamount to admitting that you’re willfully giving up effectiveness. “
  • Gazimoff is curious about the evolution of the MMORPG playerbase into nomadic gamers“is becoming the nomad the natural evolution of the MMO player? Do we tend to stick with our first title for years, only for the time we spend with future titles to become progressively shorter?”
  • And Killed In A Smiling Accident would like to help MMO developers out, with a template for every MMORPG quest, ever – _“By all the DEITIES/ANCIENT_RELICS, a HERO_TYPE! Here, in REGION! I can’t believe my luck, here am I with PROBLEM_A, and here you are, a HERO_TYPE, with exactly the HERO_TYPE_SKILLS required to solve PROBLEM_A. I’ve tried to get NPC_GROUP_A to help, but unfortunately they couldn’t manage it, due to IMPLAUSIBLEREASON.”

Have a great weekend!