Good Dungeons! Bad Targeting! New Cars!

Today, we’ve got one link that’ll make you start playing an MMO again (LoTRO), one that helps explain why you stopped (WoW), and one that talks about why apparently similar games, well, aren’t.

So, let’s go!

  • Windsoar at Jaded Alt has been playing a lot of Skyrim lately – like many of us – and has been considering just what makes it a different – and similar – experience to an MMO“When you crank up a single-player RPG, it’s a pristine environment waiting for your input for everything to happen. Those untrodden peaks really are untrodden, even if the guy 4 blocks over is playing the exact same game. Even better, it doesn’t matter how long the game has been out, there aren’t any “helpful” people trying to tell you the best way to reach the inn in the next town, or navigate your way to the armory when all you really want to do is find it yourself.”
  • I know we only featured The Grumpy Elf’s Cataclysm Miscues series yesterday, but his article on Cataclysm’s targetting mistake really hit a problem I hadn’t considered! “Magmaw, can’t tab to him. Al’Akir, can’t tab on him. Deathwings limbs, can’t tab to them. There are these mountainous being and we can not hit tab to get to them? “
  • And Random Waypoint manages to get me to go back to LoTRO again – in spite of all that Skyrim and SWTOR to play – with a great article on the design of the awesome-sounding Goblintown“At level, it was a classic dungeon crawl. I could spend hours inside there, and actually did, simply exploring and killing Goblins. It took me three evenings to reach the lowest areas.”

What’s turned you on to or off of a game lately?