Gnomeageddon issues a call to arms for the blogosphere


If you’ve been around the blogosphere recently, that number alone will probably make you twitch. Either because you’ve been tagged for the super-long-running “Six” meme (I’ll get to it, I promise!) or just because it has taken over your feed reader over the last month like nothing else in recent memory.

Well, Gnomeageddon, the gnome who started it all, has been thinking about what’s next. And rather than a meme, he’s issuing a manifesto – a call to the entire MMORPG blogosphere to do something new, interesting, and challenging

“Does some other blogger inspire you? Have you found a secret little blog only known to the author and their keyboard treading cats? Let us know, let us join in the mutual admiration of others writing. Let us inspire then to write one more post.

Let’s face it, all of you that joined into the Sixth conversation now feel like writing one more post… admit it. People came back from months of hiatus purely to post a screenshot… bullshit, they were looking for an excuse, for inspiration, for the touch of love that can only be felt through link love.

The hugging can go on long way after the linkage of course… I found myself dropping Larísa a line last night… some links are never broken.”

Actually, this post is more like a series of manifestos than a single manifesto, all linked around the idea of making people aware of other blogs, linking to them, and forming a community.

It probably goes without saying that we’re pretty enthusiastic about that idea.

Some of Gnomeageddon’s suggestions are going to be pretty controversial – he advocates blog wars and disagreements at one point – but even with them he’s got a very good point, and he’s speaking from a position of experience. Often people are too conflict-averse, and it’s true that a disagreement makes interesting reading. And his other suggestions – hug your fellow bloggers, link out to other blog posts as much as possible – are things that we can all get behind!

(And on that subject – thanks for all the links to the Melting Pot over the last few days, everyone! It’s great whenever new people discover us and suddenly realise there’s an entire MMO blogging world out there, not just a few sites!)

I’ll be interested to see what comes out of this post. Gnomeageddon’s got a track record of Starting Things in the blogosphere – I wonder what will get started this time?

Go! Link to something cool in the blogosphere!