Fourth! Of Sheep, Wolves, Motivation, and the uniqueness of Wurm

We never do four posts a day on the Melting Pot – not since I nearly killed myself trying to do an impression of BoingBoing a while ago.

But this weekend – this weekend had too much good stuff. And so, I present a historic fourth-post-day, with awesome stuff from Tobold, Big Bear Butt, and The Wild Boar Inn:

  • Wurm Online is impressing me more and more – unlike EVE, its brutal landscape seems to pull people together. When have you ever heard of an MMO where people got together to reforest the land ? Or one where the legendary monsters can only ever die once ? (both from Wild Boar Inn)
  • Big Bear Butt has been thinking about how to get other people off their own variously-sized buttocks, with a discussion of LFR and motivation“Instead of casting Ice Tomb, why not have her summon a pair of Spirit Wolves, which she then sics on whichever player queued as DPS actually has the lowest DPS?”
  • And Tobold has a really interesting piece talking about people who love ruthlessness, people who love cooperation, and the fact that they don’t necessarily play games as such“But do we really want games that work like real life? You don’t have to be a sheep to think that it would be nicer if people wouldn’t constantly try to hurt each other. In fact the very concept of civilization is based on the premise that we get further if we cooperate instead of bashing each other’s head in with a stone club.”