Cross-Realm Raiding – WHy To Do It And What To Do It With

The advent of cross-realm raiding in WoW – essentially allowing us to raid with anyone, anywhere, at least if they’re in the US or EU with us – looks to provoke a huge change in the culture of WoW. It’s only just starting, but we’ve already seen entire sites springing up to support finding groups to play with, integrating with social media, and other Cool Stuff.

Poneria has a great writeup today on joining a group of fellow WoW twitterers and bloggers to PUG Firelands. There’s everything in here from experience, to practical tips, to lists of useful sites – have a look

“I felt very social at the end of the night. I didn’t realize it was 4am (Firelands ended for me at 1am) until Jed mentioned he was logging off. I’d had a blast and my mood had turned a complete 180 from before. That’s a rare occurrence for me, to feel totally happy & not want to go off recharge by myself, since I struggle with social anxiety that affects things from going out to eat to blogging to even raiding.

Sometimes raiding (even with guildies) breaks my entire world, but I’ve learned far too much about myself while raiding to leave it alone. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to mesh with the great social environment that is TLR, since I tend toward the shy & quiet, especially on voice chat. But it worked out well, and I think I’ll try it many more times. 😀 “

Poneria’s written a great guide for anyone who wants to consider jumping into cross-realm raiding here. I’d be considering trying it out myself, if only it weren’t for that damn US/EU split… (I assume cross-realm can’t get past that?)

Meanwhile, another fantastic service has launched for anyone who’s thinking of doing some cross-realm raiding. Sleepy Hams aims to solve one of the remaining tricky problems for a non-established raid – voice chat:

“Initially, this project is aimed at supporting World of Warcraft Cross-Realm Raids, but the server can just as easily be used for voice chat in other online games, or even just as a voice-chat chatroom. The information can be publicly given to pick-up groups and friends alike.

The server will be moderated – hate speech and harassment will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with swiftly. Being ignorant of this rule of expected human decency will not be accepted as an excuse to break it – if you’re on the server, regardless of how you came by the information, you will be held accountable to the best of the server administrator’s ability.”

Sleepy Hams is the brainchild of @vitaemachina on Twitter, and I suspect it’s going to see a lot of use in this brave new “hey, we can actually raid with friends!” era. Also, as far as I can tell it’s entirely a charitable endeavour – nice one!

Have you tried cross-realm raiding yet?