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  1. Niki ~ Edenvale (@gamerfridge)
    March 2, 2012

    Instead of using the mail system Blizzard has why not send BoA gear you have bought to every toon you make. Similar to the vanity pets you buy from the Blizzard store or receive from special holidays. Yes it will be a lot of excess gear if you make 8 toons on one server all 8 will have 8 pieces of heirloom gear waiting from them in their mailbox. But it would solve the problem.

    Or set up a vendor that will had out BoA gear that is registered to your account. If you make a new character on a new server this vendor is programmed to know if you have bought the mail casting gear on a different server but the same account.

    • John
      March 12, 2012

      That would have saved me the $25 i just spent transferring a toon with my heirlooms! ;p What I’m more annoyed with and really wanting to happen is the limit raised on the current heirloom gear! Why doesn’t blizz up the max to 85? When mop comes out all the heirloom gear should all be raised to 90. They should be gear that gets you leveled and at max still kick butt in lvl90 dungeons like in lich where above Ilvl200 gear was about where you started changing out pieces! Make it happen cuz lvling through cata sucks!

      • Brainsnack
        April 2, 2012

        Changing the looms to lvl 90 won’t happen any time soon, as this would make leveling in MoP go way to fast. Blizzard is working on their next expansion and it would be countereffective to have people blast through it. Leveling to 85 at the moment is already extremely fast, too fast imho.

        I’m sure they’ll either introduce 2 new pieces that go to 90 after a couple of patches, but by that time you’ll already have leveled most of your characters to 90 anyway, making it more appealing to level alts (again).

      • Moody
        September 6, 2012

        Level 85 yes, 90 no. 85-90 content is new and should not have boa items in that range

    • Bunny
      April 3, 2012

      I think this idea is awesome Niki, it would make it possible to do it and simplify it. As of now, I am leveling a new toon on a new and all the BoA gear in the world is stuck on my main on some other server.

      Fortunately I’m enjoying the Cata low level content, but That BoA sure would have helped me in the battle grounds. Also as a tank, it is embarrassing to have everyone have a few thousand more hitpoints than you including the healer. 😛

  2. Scott
    March 23, 2012

    Leveling through Cata is easy. I just leveled a mage from 77 to 85 in a weekend, and if they make this game any easier it wont be worth playing.

  3. john
    April 3, 2012

    I wasn’t trying to say that leveling through cata took too long it just sucks. I dislike the progression of quests that you have to do. I have leveled 5 85’s now. @brainsnack i do understand your logic as reference to mop and you’re right however, the heirloom gear should have the limit raised once a .2 or .3 patch is released. I paid alot for these and i bought my sets during lich king cuz the prices now are a bit too much unless you buy them through champion seals/darkmoon faire.

  4. Keith
    May 23, 2012

    Yeah, people were done with Cata in like 2 days as it was, last thing Blizzard want to do is work for a year on an expansion for people to clear it in 2 days.

    Also, if heirlooms work to 85, you’re not only levelling faster but entirely ignoring the gear upgrades to half your slots until you hit max level.

    One suggestion however, how about a multiplier on the heirloom’s XP bonus, according to how many 85s (or fair enough, 90s, come MoP) you have already?

    After all, the more 85s you have, the less interest you have in clearing Hyjal… again.

  5. Matt
    June 18, 2012

    Just make it to where once you purchase the gear on one toon it is available to all toons that can use that kind of gear or that it opens that item up where for a nominal price of gold you can go buy it for a selected toon on any server.

  6. Michael
    July 17, 2012

    Why doesn’t Blizzard implement a new interface window, showing each purchased heirloom item?
    Think about it this way: You have purchased a heirloom item from a vendor, then an icon inside of this new interface window gets unlocked (showing that you bought it), which allows you to recreate any purchased heirloom item for each character (only once per character and only if it’s usable in any spec). With this new system you only need to buy a heirloom item once for each account, thus completing a whole cloth, leather, mail, plate set in no time.
    It would also be more comfortable than logging on to another character and sending the pieces around. With this system you only need to create your new toon and “forge” or duplicate the heirloom out of the interface window.
    In terms of space, I would insert a new tab in the character interface window, named “Heirlooms”.

  7. Nikki
    July 24, 2012

    IMO if they are going to be bind on ACCOUNT items you should have access to them from any toon on that account. if it was just for the realm you play on they should have been bind on REALM items. I do hope that blizzard will find a way to make it so every character on an account can use the items like the vendor that was suggested. Make him work like the tabard vendor, where you can only purchase the tabards you have the reputation for (but with the heirlooms of course)

  8. Alec
    August 2, 2012

    niki you said how to get boa gear to a different character from a different realm i didn’t exactly understand your way of doing it can you explain it in like more of a retard language for me because i didn’t understand lol.

    • marc
      August 3, 2012

      what she means is that you need to use a PAID TRANSFER, from the wow website, to get BOAs to a new realm, or just wait the next 2 months I am guessing they will implement it soon

  9. Kuska
    August 26, 2012

    It’s very simple. Blizzard make big bucks forcing us to transfer toons and paying to do it. Doesn’t make very good business practice to make it free now does it. Peace out.

  10. Tekknyne
    October 9, 2012

    I found, through Blizzard’s endless courtesy, that if you start on a new server, but have heirlooms on the old server yet do not plan to play there anymore, they are sometimes kind enough to transfer the items you specify, from the toons you specify on the old server, to a toon you choose on the new server, and faction is not an issue. It may take a short time for the request ticket to be answered, but that’s to be expected, and it’s free. My situation was different though. I transferred my 85 death knight to a new server, with ALL of my heirlooms (had ALL full sets except for leather caster) and extra recipes, BoE and such, and other valuables, in tow. After the transfer, 7 of my heirlooms had gone missing and Blizzard couldn’t find any logs whatsoever of them ever existing. As a few of them were from my plate tanking heirloom set, which I also had the full set on another server entirely that i no longer played, they transferred, at my request, all of those to my death knight on the new server. At least that’s a few less i have to go buy all over again.

  11. Shindachande
    October 11, 2012

    this would be great. and we really would not have to “mail” the items to another realm they could allow us to use the battle.net feature to transfer the items much like you would if you were transferring a toon to another realm.

  12. Abelius
    April 7, 2013

    “With all that in mind, if you desperately want to heirloom-level a toon on a new server, it might be worth waiting for Patch 5.0 – there’s a good chance that it’ll see a major overhaul to how heirlooms, BoA items, and other such things are handled across realms.”

    5.2 is live…

    LOL at that… 😛

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