Cross-Faction Raiding, LEAPS for GREAT JUSTICE, and boobs in GW2

I’m still catching up on the posts that were made whilst we were transferring the server over to its new home – so here are some of the great pieces that caught my eye over the last two days…

  • Syl of Raging Monkey’s is back, and she’s been observing the transformation of GW2’s Norns into Barbie Dolls with displeasure“I can try ignore other players wearing silly armor ingame or even creating anatomically laughable characters for themselves somewhat (if not completely), but I am really not looking forward to get it in my face from NPCs too, let alone on my own character model.”
  • Matthew Rossi at WoW Insider argues that alongside cross-realm raiding, we should have cross-faction raiding too“Allowing my tauren to raid with draenei and gnomes would be really, really rewarding for me, as a long-time player with a lot of friends across servers. It would be a nice, low-impact way to reward long-term players with lots of friends.”
  • And Melmoth at Killed in A Smiling Accident has a short, sweet post about what a heroic game ability should be“It’s Batman. It’s Hulk. It’s Neo. And it’s Goku. It’s Spiderman; Predator; Aang. It’s V. It’s glee. It’s you. And me. Isn’t that what a hero should be?”

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