Cows in Space! GW2 in Beta! Houses with HUUUUGE doors!

I’ll be honest, there’s no link between the last of today’s recommended posts – they’re just all really interesting, even if you don’t play the games they’re referring to.

  • Eric at Elder Game unlocks the mysterious door to MMO Developerdom again, this time exploring the reasons why MMORPG houses are so damn wierd“I’ve been surprised by the number of people who don’t realize this little bit of MMO trickery: most houses in MMOs are Disneyland fantasy houses, tiny models that couldn’t possibly have an interior.”
  • Ravious at Kill Ten Rats offers a detailed and interesting roundup of his experience in Guild Wars 2’s PvE content“We instantly organized. The two players stayed on one front while I maintained the other. There was no question as to how we would beat this event and whether we would participate. There were no words said. We just played.”
  • And Green Armadillo at Player vs Developer defends the Crew Missions in Star Trek Online, saying they’re more than just Cow-Clicker In Space“The game where my ship and crew exist to travel the galaxy searching for things to do is both fun and original. It also feels appropriate to the lore – hijinks like we saw on the shows can’t possibly happen every single day in the 24th/25th century, or the universe would have ended by now. “

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