Blizzard’s Q4 2011 Investor Call – the reactions

Yes, once again Blizzard have been out there Saying Things. This time, it was in their quarterly call to their investors, where they revealed a number of interesting things, including a small drop in subscriber numbers for WoW (down 100,000 people), the likely release date of Diablo 3 (Q2, meaning April to June – damn, I’m good), and the number of people who signed up for the WoW Annual Pass (over 1 million).

Several blogs have been analysing the figures and reports, and coming out with some interesting stuff:

  • WoW Insider have a live blog of the call if you want the fine details.
  • Player vs Developer investigates the implications of the Annual Pass figure“Us bloggers have referred to 2011 as a bad year for World of Warcraft. The reality is that there is maybe a single MMO in the world right now that has more month-to-month subscribers than Blizzard has ANNUAL subscribers.”
  • And In An Age studies some fine detail from the call, including titbits about Bungie and Chuck Norris“It occurs to me that it is entirely possible that we could see two new, separate MMO properties out of Activision Blizzard even with WoW still sucking most of the oxygen out of the MMO room. “

What did you think of the new Investor Call info?