Are SWTOR’s customer support problems and bugs risking the game?

Things seem to be going pretty well in the long, long ago land of SWTOR these days. They’ve got a healthy subscriber base, and I’m seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the game still, a couple of months after release.

But there’s a storm building that could tear it all down.

SWTOR’s customer service and customer support has been a bugbear since release. And talking of bugs – SWTOR bugs have included some unprecedentedly major cockups, from not allowing people to unsubscribe to preventing them from playing altogether.

Now, today I’ve seen not one but two bloggers absolutely furious about the quality of support they’re receiving from SWTOR:

Scary Worlds is getting incredibly sick of both the bugs and the lack of communication from Customer Support. As he writes

“My good buddy Rer from Multiplaying and my guild, Delusions of Grandeur, hasn’t been unable to log into SWTOR for 20 days. He paid for a subscription, but the billing is not talking to the game. His account has been billed, but the game says he hasn’t subscribed.

For the past 20 days he has been fighting with Customer Service trying to play. He’s talked to supervisors, Twitter reps, and the dude that seems to have his head up his ass, but nobody can help him. They keep telling him they will call back because they can figure it out.

You know what? After 20 days I would call BioWare and insist I get my money back for the subscription and the price I paid for the game.”

At the same time, Hawtpants of the Old Republic submitted a bug-related ticket – and the ensuing customer support took her breath away, and not in a good way

“Can you tell I was mad? I spent 3 days waiting for a response to what I assumed was a fairly simple problem, and when I got the response, I was told that I hadn’t given information that I most definitely had and that I would be effectively penalized for their bug (which is a dumb policy right after launch when of COURSE there are bugs). Not to mention transcribing stuff from screenies makes me vaguely stabby.

I am totally aware that it took me more time and effort to write angry emails (and this post) than to simply earn the 12.5k, hop in my ship, and buy a new customization from the Taris or Balmorra vendor. And I certainly do not want an easily-obtainable item to count against my 3 restorations that I might actually need for something important. But it’s the principle.

Resolution (or Lack Thereof)

As of today, I have an open ticket in the system which was opened on 124. So that’s 2 weeks ago? I went and bought a new customization kit, and I should technically close the ticket but I want to see just what happens with it. If anything.”

Two weeks’ wait for a ticket response? Unable to play the game for nearly a month?

I’m rather enjoying SWTOR, and I hope EA fix the customer service issues soon, because it’s becoming apparent that the community are losing patience – and at this delicate stage, that could seriously damage SWTOR’s chances.

Have you had any SWTOR-related Customer Service Incidents?