Weekend Roundup

Once again, the weekend has provoked a floor of interesting blogging. Here’s the cream of the crop from the last few days!

  • Your “er…WHAT?” moment for this week comes courtesy of Windsoar having a VERY strange experience in LFR“ – You are nothing but a DPS farmer. – What’s a DPS farmer? – If you don’t know, you’re just showing that you are one.”
  • Poneria at Fel Concentration has a brilliant list of activities to de-stress with in WoW“I used to walk my felhunter through Scarlet Monastery’s Cathderal by putting him on Aggressive and strolling the grounds, but now that the Aggressive pet stance is gone and Assist took its place, it’s just not the same anymore.”
  • Cat at Flavour Text Lore writes a fascinating post detailing the academic work she’s doing on WoW’s mythological roots and usages“In Zelda, new iterations of motifs (such as Link’s green tunic) often derive their significance from earlier titles that are ultimately still set in the same universe, whereas in the case of the Thorim/Loken/Sif story, we are participating in a retelling pre-existing ‘real-world’ myth which has been transposed from its original setting into Blizzard’s constructed one with mostly superficial alterations.”
  • And Nerdy Bookahs closes the weekend off with a “First Impressions” article on the… Hello Kitty MMORPG . No, seriously – “I first heard of Hello Kitty Online in Warhammer Online. It was mentioned in the same way that people called others “carebears”. “Go play Hello Kitty Online!” – I thought that was just a joke but decided to google it as some point and was… shocked to see that this game actually exists.”

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