Two Weeks In: The SW:TOR roundup

Well, it’s been two or more weeks for most people, and we’re starting to see what SW:TOR will become in the long term. Opinions are starting to diverge, conventional wisdom is starting to be challenged, and in general, it’s all very interesting to watch.

So, with no further ado, here’s a bumper crop of recent SW:TOR opinion and comment!

  • Tobold answers the question of whether SW:TOR’s good value as a single-player game“You might niggle about the stories in SWTOR casting you slightly less as the savior of the universe than you would have expected from KOTOR 3, but otherwise the single-player experience comes very close to what you’d expect from a Bioware single-player RPG. “
  • Lono of Screaming Monkeys articulates one common sentiment – that SW:TOR’s bugs are really starting to bite“I can’t pinpoint any single bug that would make me want to quit this great game but I can see the sum of all the littles ones become an issue for many players, myself included, as time passes and the new game smell start to wear off.”
  • Melmoth of Killed in a Smiling Accident is resisting spacebar-bash temptation in conversations“Conversations go much quicker when you employ the SoEEE, but unlike skipping the quest text in other MMOs, while voice acting adds greatly to the immersion levels of the game, skipping over it does detract from the immersion levels in equal measure.”
  • And we’ve got some great general mid-game roundups from Tobold and Bio Break to boot!

*How are you finding SW:TOR two weeks in?