SWTOR Roundup: Slow Speeders, Keep Flipping and More

It’s a SWTORish world out there still, and over the weekend we’ve seen more and more comment on the game – including some answers as to how fast Bioware will be able to pump out new content!

  • Yes, Darth Hater (more or less established now as the WoW Insider of SWTOR) have datamined the -pretty lengthy – list of new features, quests, and so on in SWTOR 1.1 . Interesting stuff if you’re concerned about SWTOR’s longevity.
  • And on that subject… MMOQuests has been looking at the options available if they want to level an alt in SWTOR, and they’ve got some concerns“They’re visiting the same zones, collecting the same datacrons, and when I dislike a zone like Balmorra (those lifts.. that map.. OUCH) I have no alternate rout. “
  • Melmoth of Killed in a Smiling Accident has been pootling through SWTOR, and whilst he’s relaxed about his progress, he’d like his speeder to maybe pootle a bit less“I still fully expect to see some more adventurous sort overtake me on an untethered Mandalorian washing machine at full spin cycle, vibrating it’s way along in a random path which still somehow manages to run circles around my hovering industrial floor scrubber.”
  • And Player vs Developer is half amused, half concerned to see the old PvP problem of “Keep flipping” rear its ugly head in SWTOR PvP“As a result, when a lone Republic player shows up, the majority of the Sith do not attack that character, and berate those on their faction who do so. “

How’s your SWTORing this week?