Single-player MMOs? Genesis meets WoW Forums? 50 in SWTOR? It’s Thursday Links!

We’ve got a fantastically varied Thursday for you today, with everything from helpful hintage to potential blogosphere topic starters:

  • Beruthiel is asking the deep questions again – specifically, why exactly DO 25-mans and 10-mans in WoW need to be equal?“I honestly don’t know what Blizzard was thinking when they were sitting down in the dev meeting where the thought they could effectively make two raid sizes “equal”. While I’m sure their intentions must have been in the right place, the technicalities involved in undertaking such a feat should have been seemingly impossible, even on paper.”
  • Sheep the Diamond covers SWTOR companions, LFD’s tendancy to make other people disposable, and more, as he talks about the phenomenon of the MSORPG“We’re creatures of habit; if we solve a problem a particular way the first time, we’re much more likely to solve a similar problem the same way the next time. In other words, if you can level and do almost every quest with just your companion, why bother doing the “work” to find a group and cooperate.”
  • Killed in a Smiling Accident’s Melmoth is getting biblical about MMORPG design“1:28 And yay did God visit the forums to see if his creation was good. But lo did the forums say ‘No, God’ and ‘God no!’, and they did explain unto God why only a newb would create man in a such a way.”
  • And Inquisitor’s Roadhouse offers a super-helpful guide to just what to do after you hit level 50 in SWTOR“Where to head to once you’ve hit 50 totally depends upon your max level goals. Do you want to gear up to raid? Or is PvP your focus? Or did you have a sense of obligation to get at least one character to 50 before starting an alt factory? Regardless of your end game goals, there is something waiting for you as a fresh 50.”

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