Sandbox experiences, Insane in the Membrane and Dragon Soul vs Firelands – the Wednesday roundup

Loads of great posts from the blogosphere today, and in keeping with the increasing trend, for a variety of games! So, if you want your daily dose of WoW or the indie MMO de jour, Wurm, read on…

  • Klepsacovic at Troll Racials Are Overpowered is thinking back on why he enjoyed getting the (crazy hard) WoW achievement Insane in the Membrane“I liked this. It kept me entertained for a long time. Was this high-intensity screaming with joy fun? No. It was not fully voiced, fully animated, or even fully scripted to tell a complex and engaging story. But it did send me all over the place to find what I needed at whatever pace and in whatever order I wanted.”
  • The Renaissance Man at Children of Wrath has been crunching the numbers on the last tiers of WoW raiding, and has some interesting conclusions on Firelands and DS difficulty“Wowprogress shows us that there were 19,500 Deathwing normal kills by January 19th, the date that the article was published. That was 52 days after the instance was opened up on November 29th. On August 18th, 52 days after Firelands was released, there had still only been 9,500 Ragnaros kills. 10,000 more guilds have killed Deathwing than killed Ragnaros in the same time span, a 105% increase. “
  • MMOQuests is trying an experiment in Wurm Online – an in-character report on how a solo, helpless character does in the viciously hard sandbox MMO“I dropped down a large slope, and I lost my barrings. With no idea where I was, I knew I couldn’t return for the cart. Darkness closed in around me, some where, I heard a mountain lion join in with the spider and I swear I heard one of the Gods cackling at me and my trial. The sky went black.”
  • Spinks is looking at the downsides of sandbox MMOs in general – more work for your fun“They tend to strongly favour organised groups, there is often huge amounts of politics (I mean, to an extent that would dwarf guild drama in WoW), they strongly favour people with large amounts of time, or flexible playing schedules, there can be long extended periods of boredom and no guarantee that you’ll actually be around when the exciting stuff happens.”

What are your feelings on sandboxes and their difficulty?