Of Things That Have Passed – RMT reluctance and forced socialising

by on January 10, 2012

MMOs have a history now, long enough that many things have genuinely passed into memory and lore.

And today, we’re looking at the plus ca change side of MMOs, rather than the plus la meme chose side.

  • The Grumpy Elf has an excellent piece about how he – a self-confessed non-social person – misses the forced social interaction of earlier WoW“While I was never a social type of player to begin with I got used to the fact that sometimes I needed to talk to others to complete a task. Other players would feel like real people because I needed to talk to them and not just like NPCs that are helping me with my task.”
  • Troll Racials are Overpowered looks back to the days when we left an expansion with many raids still incomplete“When the loot becomes a toy rather than a deserved, demanded reward, people are nicer about it. It’s simply a different experience, raiding old raids, than anything else in the game. Raid old raids is a form of content, accidentally created with the Burning Crusade expansion.”
  • And Tobold is looking at the way Diablo III is – quietly, understatedly – dismantling historial objections to RMT trading in-game“It is very hard to condemn some Free2Play game for selling the Sword of Uberness for $10 if at the same time you are selling your Sword of Uberness on the Diablo 3 auction house for $10. From the buyer’s point of view, there is no difference from where the Sword of Uberness comes, and who pockets the money.”

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Reliquary January 11, 2012 at 5:12 pm

I feel the social aspect going away as well. I recall having to actually form a group and listen to the other players to complete tasks. In SWTOR I had to do a heroic, easy enough it was a 4 heroic and With my healer + Tank companion and the person that grouped with me we should have easily been able to accomplish it. What happens, instead of the other party member listening, by letting my tank run in and get aggro, and CC the extra elites he just runs in with his companion each attacking different mobs and I have to heal all 3 party members now.

This leads to a bad group experience and probably what happened in my next heroic. it was a 2 heroic. instead of grouping with me another player just decided to assist in killing the mobs I was killing to get to the next objective point. Never tried to group with me and personally I didn’t think about it myself since it was a 2 heroic and I can normally solo them. Everyone seems to want to play an MMO as a single player game, and when they do have to group they don’t want to listen to somebody with MMO experience.


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