Many, Many Weekend Links

It’s typical – on the day that I have one less link slot than usual (because of awards), the blogosphere explodes with awesome writing!

  • Doctors of Philosophy have concocted a supremely useful glossary of MMO terms, for new players – _“Aggro

    As a verb, it refers to a hostile mob that has noticed a player and is actively trying to attack that player. As a noun, it refers to the amount of “hostility” the player has generated on the mob”_

  • Gazimoff explains why he’s quietly optimistic about Mists of Pandaria’s break from tradition“It almost doesn’t matter if a new raid dungeon was released tomorrow that was technically, conceptually and artistically better than anything that had gone before, as I doubt if our hearts would really let us move on from the heady days of The Burning Crusade and Wrath. Nostalgia is like that.”

  • Matticus parodies elitist raiding articles – with an elite coffee guide (look out for some elitist troll called Hugh in the comments, too) – “He also has to use exactly 2 cream and 2 sugar. I mean what a total scrub, right? He should just quit coffee entirely. What a casual. That’s not real coffee. “

  • Syp at Bio Break is getting extremely tired of SWTOR’s minigame – jumping for datacrons“Platforming in 3D feels so weird to me — and I mean “feel” literally. I can’t get a good feel for where my character is in relation to all these precise jumps and ledges, so most of the time it’s flinging myself forward, praying to all sorts of in-game deities that I won’t over- or undershoot my target.”

  • Turbine have crossed the forbidden line – they’re now selling actual in-game gear, albeit at low levels – and Kill Ten Rats comments, whilst A Casual Stroll To Mordor shows that the player base is very unenthusiastic.

  • And T.R. Redskies is somewhat perturbed by a SWTOR designer’s explanation that the game’s 610 rating on metacritic is entirely the result of sabotage“Look, I didn’t find SWTOR all that fun to play, but I’d be lying and accused of concocting baseless conspiracies if I made statements like “players are only claiming to like it because there’s a group of them out there intentionally inflating the ratings.” “

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