“Lols we all just DPS” as game design, Bioware PR concerns, and HUGE as a story element

Yep, it’s time for today’s great posts roundup!

  • Gazimoff read posts earlier this week about eliminating the Pure DPS classes in MMOs, and he thinks we should do exactly the opposite“Think about it – there’s no longer a burden of responsibility for a tank to get boss positioning pixel perfect, or for a healer to make sure their spells land spot-on every time. Instead, everyone becomes personally responsible for their own health bar. You die, your fault.”
  • The Noisy Gamer is watching Bioware’s PR response to bugs, and is worrying that it sounds a lot like EVE’s Incarna response“Now, in fairness to BioWare, CCP deals with a committed player base of techno-geeks who love watching the devs kill bugs. SWTOR just launched and players will find it easy to walk away after their first month so BioWare may feel they can’t admit to mistakes and are willing to see 5-10% of their players walk away after their first month as the lesser of two evils.”
  • And Lono of Screaming Monkeys feels sorry for players who see the pitch-perfect expanses of Hoth in SWTOR, and can only think about how they slow their levelling“Yesterday, though, a fellow adventurer was making her displeasure known to all in chat by complaining and how all that travel time and wasted space was a big waste of time and ressources. All those things interfered with the leveling!”

Do you love SWTOR’s use of space? Are you worried about Bioware’s bug treatment? Would you play a DPS-only MMO?