Is SWTOR screwed? The EA stock fall edition

Today’s one of those days where the posts pretty much write themselves. We’ve got two big, big pieces of news today – and the first one is that EA’s stock has dropped as analysts are rethinking their estimates of SWTOR’s success

That’s pretty big news by anyone’s standards, and there are a number of interesting points being made about it:

  • Gazimoff’s crunching the numbers to try and figure out what SWTOR’s subscriber base will end up being“Subscribing to an MMO once the bundled month is up isn’t an automatic thing any more. With the current economic climate many of us are feeling the pinch and tightening our belts.”
  • Game By Night argues that SWTOR simply isn’t a very good single-player game (and offers some suggestions to avoid burnout) – “In the world of console games, forty hours is a harrowing experience; sixty is epic. TOR tries to offer you the same thing but asks for hundreds and hundreds of hours beyond that. It’s a recipe for burn out.”
  • Scary Worlds has a message for those bloggers crowing about SWTOR’s woes – ‘If SWTOR fails, MMORPGs in general are screwed’“What new investor would want to drop their money into a new game if such a great developer like BioWare can fail? You think they won’t look at their tiny investment and say, “Well, if a $300 million AAA MMO can fail, what is this MMO going to do to succeed with a lot less money?” “
  • And finally, on a related note, Blessing of Kings is arguing that SWTOR, amongst other innovations, badly needs a Dungeon Finder“Maybe the dungeon finder makes running instances less fun. But at least with a dungeon finder, I can actually run the instances.”

How bad do you think things are for SWTOR right now?