Guild woes, Secret Worlds and Broken Promises

by on January 4, 2012

As we start to accelerate back up to cruising speed here at the Pot, I’ve run across a bunch of interesting topics in the blogosphere today. So, rather than pick one, here’s a quick smorgasboard!

  • The new Guild Takeover mechanism is attracting some controversy, with Blessing of Kings analysing the guild as a social contract and In An Age arguing that Takeovers can really hurt if you’re the GM
  • Kill Ten Rats’ Ravious makes an interesting point as he struggles to return to LoTRO“My return was horrible to be frank. When I logged back in I was beset on all sides by system mailings, announcements of new achievements I had somehow started, resets to all my legendary weapons, and a new trait / stat regime. “
  • And Blame Squelchy is calling Blizzard out over their broken promise of multiple raids“So the Grand Experiment of mutiple smaller raids lasted exactly one tier. I doubt it will be seen again, because of two words: Raid Finder.”

What do you think about Guild Takeovers? Would you like to see more than one raid per tier? And have you struggled to get back into an MMO?

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