The Ugly Truths of Everyone’s Gameplay

I’m really loving the post I stumbled over on Killing Me Slowly today, and indeed the entire discussion that spawned it. I’m rather hoping it’ll turn into a blogosphere meme.

What am I talking about? Well, it all started when Fel Concentration posted an (excellent) article on how to increase your warlock’s DPS . From it, a discussion about warlocks, how to play them, and whether they’re actually fun started on Twitter.

And that prompted Fulguralis to write the post I’m talking about – in which he starts from a discussion of the “feel” of a warlock in play, which is fascinating on its own, and then moves on to a wonderful, no-holds-barred list of everything he does wrong when Warlocking

“I simply love my Affliction Warlock. I want others to share that love without fear of being a “failure.” Aff’locks (and, indeed, other flavors of Warlock) can be a whole lot of fun, even when played sub-optimally. Sometimes, it’s very easy to get caught up in eking out that extra 1k DPS, when our sanity would be better served by saying “F the 1%” and focusing on having fun with the other 99. (Percentages may vary. It’s probably more like 8020, but talking about the “one percent” amuses me.)

So here are some ugly truths about my Warlock play:

I only use Demon Soul once per fight. It’s macro’ed with my guild banner. Even then, I often forget to smash the button. On most nights, I have no idea whether it’s conflicting with anyone else’s spell (heroism, etc).

I have to be badgered to provide cookies. Even then, I generally don’t eat mine.

I often forget my Doomguard. He’s macro’ed to that Demon Soul button.

I trust Mr. Robot almost blindly. I’ve never run a personal simulation.

I overwrite DoTs… a LOT. I cringe every time I do it, but I get paranoid about them dropping off.”

This is a really refreshing post, and it feels similar in many ways to Cynwise’s article about blogging greats yesterday. It’s just so nice to hear that even the really competent players out there, the guide writers and hardcore raiders, have their own list of “oh, god, I shouldn’t do that” secret playing shames – I’m sure we all do.

I know I do. And whilst I’m no-one’s idea of a world-first raider, like I said, I’d be kinda happy to see more of these, to help reassure everyone that they’re not the only ones who get it wrong sometimes. So, on a “be the change” basis, here are a few things that spring immediately to mind about my raiding “ugly truths”!

As an Assassination Rogue (my current main), I never remember to pre-pot. I’m still too gunshy from pre-aggro-boost days. I often get impatient and blow CDs before Bloodlust, and then sit there staring irritably at the cooldown on Vendetta. I keep Tricks of the Trade on CD… at least half the time. And if a raid goes by without me stopping mid-fight to replace my poisons, it’s a good raid!

But, as Fulguralis says, I’m still proud of my play. I still hold my own, and I still enjoy my rogue no end!

What are your gameplay-related “shameful confessions”, as Fulguralis puts it?