EVEning all! Deaths in EVE, battles in EVE, and games which will look like EVE…

I’ve been seeing something of a resurgence in EVE Online discussion on the blogosphere of late. Possibly it’s the way that WoW is quietening down, possibly it’s spacey-wacey spillover from the SWTOR Experience, possibly it’s just a zeitgeist thing.

Regardless, after last year’s rocky, monocle-filled flight path, it would appear that EVE is back.

  • The Ancient Gaming Noob writes an entertaining, rambling story of his first PvP death in EVE“I had the location for the delivery. I opened up the map, I found the system, and I made it my destination. I then undocked my ship, turned on the auto-pilot, and walked away from my computer to watch a movie with my wife in the other room.”
  • Syncaine has an extremely short but interesting post about a major EVE battle, which despite the snark does succeed in making the game sound intriguing.
  • And The Noisy Rogue has been following the announcements about the Pathfinder MMO, and wonders if we’re about to get the fantasy version of EVE“This is what makes an MMO; an online organic world that is always growing and evolving based on what the players themselves do and decide.”

Are you considering turning to the EVE side?