Does Blizzard Want Us Any More? Dragon Soul Nerfs Roundup

And, yes, the other big news of the day: the Dragon Soul nerfs and Blizzard’s communication about them.

For those who don’t know – Blizzard have announced, unprecedentedly early, that they will be reducing Dragon Soul’s difficulty, with a stacking nerf similar to the buff in Icecrown Citadel.

Here’s our round-up of the blogosphere reactions so far!

Cautiously Enthusiastic

  • Matthew Rossi at WoW Insider feels that whilst he doesn’t want the nerf, more casual raiders will benefit from it“It took me a lot of gentle prodding to realize that my spending literally hours trying to work out a valid fury gearing strategy was in fact unusual. I enjoy that kind of thing, but not everyone does or should have to just because I do.”
  • Blame Squelchy hopes that the nerfs will allow his guild to progress in their 25-mans as well as their 10-mans“Will we kill Madness-25 with a nerf applied? Maybe. I hope so. If nothing else, it would do wonders for guild morale and cohesion. “

Not Happy

  • Kurn has passed “angry” at this point, and is just resigned but disappointed in an interesting, fact-filled post – “My trust in the developers of World of Warcraft is gone. I am obviously not the type of player they want playing their game. And that’s what’s so very shocking to me.”
  • Gina at Healbot is wondering if World of Warcraft is dead“I feel a sense of disapointment and I’m sorry for my raid team. Sorry I didn’t push us harder, faster, and get us more HC kills. I don’t want it to get easier yet. “
  • The Renaissance Man at Children of Wrath is critical of both Blizzard’s timing and implementation“By implementing blanket nerfs, the gaps remain. All you’ve done is artificially lowered the end state. You’ve done nothing to remove the gap itself, which is the problem.”
  • Type H For Heals reviews the responses so far, and finds some of Blizzard’s wording particularly revealing“The trouble is, one size doesn’t fit all. Some of us are not at our ceiling, so we’re seeing our experience altered, our rewards diminished, our playing field made less level, for the benefit of other people. As humans, that just isn’t going to sit right with us. “
  • And Fannon at Dwarven Battle Medic is trying hard to be fair, but is disappointed that the days of difficult raid encounters are gone for good“The raiders who enjoyed that type of challenge—the smart, resilient problem-solvers who think figuring out a problem is half the fun—are continually being marginalized.”

Overall, the near-universal feeling from the blog reactions so far is a sense that raiders who enjoy a challenge – the old-school, hard-core raiders – are no longer part of Blizzard’s intended audience unless they’re at world first level, and that Blizzard are now aiming at a different audience.

I’m not sure what that audience is. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in a very casual WoW guild these days – we’ve not finished Dragon Soul normal by a long shot -and yet I doubt even most of our raiders want these nerfs. Not yet. We still want a challenge. So who exactly are the silent majority Blizzard believe they’re catering to?

How do you feel about the nerfs?