Diablo III Bans, WoW Node Theories, and Why Indies Are Awesome – weekend links!

Some great blogging, interesting theorising, and even a bit of controversy this weekend – so let’s get straight to it!

  • Both Tobold and Stabs are commenting on the story that gold blogger Marcko has allegedly been banned from Diablo III for, according to him, making too much gold in the beta. Of course, it’s worth noting that we only have one side of this story – nonetheless, the commentary and speculation are interesting!
  • Gazimoff wrote a great guide to getting started as an MMO blogger“Ideas are fickle things – sometimes there’s a huge flood of them desperate to leak out everywhere, other times your creativity is left like a barren and dry desert. The best safeguard is to write down ideas when inspiration hits you so that you don’t forget them later.”
  • Glow of Glow’s Branches writes a really fascinating piece theorising how node respawning works in WoW. Surprisingly complex stuff“if you’re the only one farming in a given zone, you can test this by mining a node and then camping the node group. It’s possible to sit for an hour or more and not have it respawn. Then, you can zoom off, mine another group and zoom back and the first node has respawned. I’ve tested this behaviour a few times, and it’s fairly consistent.”
  • Cynwise sheds light on another area of PvP I didn’t know much about – the increasing, close-to-ridiculous difficulty of PvP reputation grinds“Let’s say you are a relatively casual player and can play 3-4 AB battles a night (2 hours with queue times). You better keep up that pace for 286 days. Nothing but Arathi Basin. No Arena. No PvE. Just AB. BS, LM, ST. “
  • And Tales of the Rampant Coyote has a wonderful story about just how much indie game developers can rock (Story mostly told in screenshots).

How was your MMOing weekend?