Controversy Monday – Raid Nerfs, LoTRO for-pay items and more

The MMO blogosphere isn’t short of controversy at the moment, it must be said. For me, that’s making it a really interesting time – there’s a lot of serious thinking going on, a lot of really interesting debate and discussion, and I’m starting to get the feeling that this is one of those times when everything’s genuinely changing and progressing.

Specifically, over this weekend there have been some great posts on a variety of the top controversies right now:

  • Holy Word Delicious argues that any WoW raid, by definition, has to be at the right difficulty level“By choosing to play World of Warcraft, by choosing to raid in World of Warcraft, by choosing to play any game, you are entering into an implicit agreement that the correct difficulty level is chosen by the game company producing it.”
  • Tobold is concerned that the Diablo III community is going to be more hostile and unpleasant than any other games community before it“Diablo 3 is a negative sum game. No real value is ever created in that game. The only thing that is happening is a transfer of real money from some players to others, with Blizzard taking their cut.”
  • Justin Olivetti at Massively calls Turbine out in a powerfully-written editorial about their real-money item sales“If this doesn’t give Turbine pause to reconsider, then not only will the gear remain indefinitely, but the door is cracked even wider for future travesties.”
  • And Tusks and All believes that it’s impossible for Blizzard to ever recapture the classic WoW feeling“Blizzard needs to understand that nothing they did made Vanilla “great”. Systematically it was a terrible game: you had to grind for days to get specific resist gear, had to grind days and days to get good PVP gear, had to grind for hours to get mats for raid buffs/potions, had to grind days and day to get a single level.”

What do you think?