Back to EQ for many, back to WoW for one – Tuesday Links

There’s a “returning” theme going on with today’s blog entries – from SOE’s attempt to get players to return to the game that started it all, to the popular Ironman Challenge concept returning with, well, even more Iron.

  • Klepsacovic of Troll Racials are Overpowered has returned to WoW – and is finding that the best way to enjoy the game is by first taking a year’s break“I had a blast. Everything came right back, except for where my res key was located (right side bar, a little bit up from the middle). I got some sort of points, but I don’t know the point of them. Halfway in I decided I should go to Molten Core, but didn’t, because I had an instance to finish.”
  • Iron Man Mode are going hardcore for charity. No, not in a bad way – instead, they’re blogging their adventures inside a number of MMO and MMO-like games, with the simple premise – if the character dies, the blog does too.
  • And Everquest – yes, the first one – is going Free To Play. Keen and Graev have been looking at the offering, and they’re a bit cynical about what it’s meant to achieve“The point I want to make, one that I feel is very obvious, is that SOE is going to use you if you’re a free player. You’re not getting anything from SOE by playing for free. They have turned that first tier of free players into value for their own product.”

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