Will SW:TOR’s demons overcome its better angels?

The SW:TOR reactions continue to come in, and as they do so, it’s becoming apparent that we’ve got a truly fascinating, complex game here – complex not just in terms of what it gets right and where it innovates, but also in terms of what it gets wrong and what it doesn’t.

There’s a lot of debate on the blogosphere at the start of the week as to whether SW:TOR will manage to overcome its weaknesses with its obvious strengths, or whether, in the end, its demons will drag it down:

  • Gordon at We Fly Spitfires discusses what he believes is SW:TOR’s biggest flaw: the imbalance of character classes“Simply put, everyone is playing the same darn class (Advanced or otherwise)… and I don’t just mean by a small percentage either, I’m talking about by a frickin’ massive degree. I think for every one Vanguard I’ve encountered, I’ve seen about 20 Commandos and I’m not even sure the Smuggler class exists.”
  • Syp at Bio Break gives us five things he likes about SW:TOR and five – well, four – things that he doesn’t“ This may just be where I’m at right now, but it seems as though my companion and me barely talk. We’ve had two in-game conversations over the course of an entire week, but other than that she barely butts in during mission conversations or wants to chat. “
  • Gazimoff’s initial impression of SW:TOR’s crew skills (crafting) is that they’re a broken mess“The Artifice crew skill has 1144 different items that your companions can learn how to make. About two thirds of those are minor upgrades that could be removed immediately without any impact on the game.”
  • The Noisy Rogue believes that SW:TOR is an excellent… single-player RPG“I’m sure that everyone playing the game is having a great time, but while doing that they are ruthlessly chewing through content in a game format that was out of date three years ago. I’m having a great time in Skyrim as well, but there’s no way I’m going to be playing it in three months time. “
  • Pete at Dragonchasers is playing SW:TOR despite saying he wouldn’t – and so far, despite encountering problems, he’s glad he didn’t cancel his pre-order“That’s all balanced out by the joy of wading into a crowd of mobs, flinging a grenade then diving to cover to use my high damage skills to finish off the baddies while my Companion tanks. Combat in this game is just plain FUN in a way I find hard to quantify.”
  • And finally, Syncaine explains just why he wants – yes, actively wants – SW:TOR to fail, and why he believes it will“If the game is a SMASH HIT, George is happy, Bioware is happy, and blasters-to-the-face rolls on. The moment the whole equation stops working, bad things happen, and quickly.”

What do you think? Will SW:TOR stay the distance?